Can a software developer be a successful entrepreneur?

What kind of a question is that? Google. Facebook. Zuckerberg. Amazon. Microsoft. Yahoo. Dropbox. Twitter. Just name it. All companies where at least one of the founders was a developer/hacker/technical guy (in majority of the cases all founders were). So have I been under a rock for the whole last decade?  Nope. It's very easy to give examples of those who have made it and forget the majority who're still trying. I'll make a case for them.

Software developers are modern day rockstars. They create things which other people cannot. These creations make lives of people easier. And we live in a time where software is eating the world so these guys are high in demand. It's natural for arrogance to kick in. When this arrogance meets high entrepreneurial spirits, it's a recipe for disaster. We fall into the trap of thinking that other people will rate our product based on how good the technology is, or how we've hacked things to make this work, or what great code we've written. The truth is that they don't care at all.